Winter Storm Affecting Minneapolis Operations

Due to the winter storm conditions, Lakeland’s Minneapolis terminal may be rescheduling some pickups and deliveries. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

The storm is expected to last into tomorrow, which may mean limited operations for Thursday, 4/11 as well.

Someone from our office will be in contact with you if your shipment is affected.

Snowstorm 01/22/2018

After heavy snowfall yesterday and last night, services continue at Lakeland Delivery in Minneapolis. Please expect some delays as road conditions are still poor in the area. Thank you for your continued business!

Winter Storm Warning in Minneapolis

There is a winter storm warning in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that may affect our services. Feel free to follow the link here for more information. Please call our offices with any questions or concerns about service delays, thank you!


Weather Forecast 01-07-2015

Going to be a cold one, stay warm and stay safe out there today! We are not currently expecting any cold weather delays at this time, but there’s always a possibility. We’ll be absolutely sure to keep you updated with the latest information!

Weather 01-07-15

April Rain

Some big business centers have fancy landscaping ponds, fountains, and even waterfalls. Others have moats. Or at least they do when it’s been raining for a week straight.