Lakeland Delivery Service, Inc.

Delivering quality cartage service since 1961.


Lakeland Delivery Service, Inc. was incorporated in 1973. It was initially created as a sister company to City Wide Delivery Service, Inc. which was incorporated in 1961 as a delivery agent for local department stores in and around Duluth, MN.

The need to create Lakeland as a separate company arose as a result of two critical factors: declining department store deliveries and growing demand in the air freight industry. Though City Wide Delivery still exists as an entity, Lakeland has taken on the vast majority of new business since its inception.

Over the years, however, the demand for air freight has steadily decreased as more stringent regulations and increasing costs associated with air freight have taken a financial toll on the industry. As a result, Lakeland continues to take new steps toward offering an ever-widening array of services in addition to its ongoing role in the air freight industry.

Today, we are pleased to be reputed as a high quality “one stop shop” for an impressive portfolio of over 500 customers, each with their own unique set of needs, requirements, and challenges. We are a time-tested company with over 50 years in the freight business. We take pride in our work, and thanks to our many loyal customers we look forward to many more years ahead.